Video: Chris Bryan’s Phantom Reel

Chris Bryan’s style is instantly recognisable. Remember the code red swell at Teahupoo, slowed down to 1000-frames per second? That was from Chris Bryan. This particular creative is edited by Tom Hannam and begins waist deep in an Indonesia cattle run, runs the light fantastic through tropical curls and lands in a pair of breasts doused in just enough milk. Then there’s Bruce Irons and the Code Red swell at Teahupoo and weightless John Florence and Marzo, Slater, Kelia Moniz, Marlon Gerber, Parko, Callinan and it’s all tied together with an undeniable emotion. Read more →

Kelly Slater Announced Purps Healthy Drinks

Kelly Slater has announced the arrival of Purps, a healthy alternative to the high-in-sugar brands that currently occupy the surf drinks market. This offering comes as no surprise from the 11 time champ, he’s notorious for his love of healthy living and promotes it on his Instagram account almost daily. Purps is the brainchild of Slater, Pat Tenore and Dr. Chris Schaumburg. Read more →

Preparing Your Body for a Surf Trip

If you’re planning a surf trip, you’ll need to be at a half decent level of fitness if you’re going to make the most of it. Surfing is a fairly strenuous endurance activity, particularly if you’re aiming at being in the water for more than two hours a day. For week long trips or more, you’ll need to do some fitness work unless you’re already in good shape.

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