Video: Rip Curl Groms In Hawaii

The North Shore never gets old. Especially when you’re between 11-18 years of age. The Rip Curl USA grom team embarked back to the 7-mile miracle in search of spitting barrels, perfect ramps, and memories that last a lifetime. The boys and girls got all that they asked for as the waves produced and the laughs were endless. With the help of North Shore pro’s Kekoa Bacalso & Mikey Bruneau the team was always in the right spot to score the wave of the day. As the trip came to a close, shaka’s were thrown, mahalo’s were expressed, and the aloha vibes showed exactly why #SurfingIsEverything. Read more →

7 Hacks To Escape The Crowds And Surf Alone

There’s something magical about a solo surf session. It’s peaceful to be alone on the ocean. No drop-ins, no snakes, no aggro vibe; just you and the waves.

The only thing that could make it better is a friend or two to cheer your awesome rides and jeer your wipeouts. However, with the ranks of surfers swelling while the number of surf breaks holds steady, how can you find empty waves?

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