Haydenshapes opens a surf shop like no other

Should surfboards be treated like high fashion items? Why not? Australian surfboard company Haydenshapes has opened its flagship store in Sydney. And it’s shockingly impressive. Surfboards. Where are they now? Where will they be in the future? Hayden Cox is redefining the way we enjoy the surf shop experience. To get things started, he replaced the classic colored environment by a black-and-white conceptual look.

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Video: Rob Machado cruising on a surfboard that’s also a snowboard

Rob Machado’s always one for board designs that are a bit out there, just take a look at his Board Eat Board model you might have seen on here a few weeks back, this however is another level Signal Snowboards have come up with a surfboard you can snowboard – think of the cost saving! Rob takes the freshly made board out for a session at Encinitas and after a few cutties, a couple of hang fives and a bit of Machado’ esque styling it’s up to the mountains for a snowboard with Curtis Ciszek. So after seeing the clip do you want one? Read more →