Surf stars teach us how to fly safely

What do Laird Hamilton, Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Alana Blanchard, Anastasia Ashley, Masatoshi Ohno, Ricardo Christie, Paige Hareb, and Maz Quinn have in common? The answer is pretty simple: an Air New Zealand board safety video. “Surfing Safari” was filmed at four legendary surf breaks: Malibu, Gold Coast, Raglan and Piha. Apparently, airlines are increasingly competing for the most entertaining in-flight safety video entertainment.

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Tonga is still awesome

Hi all,
So it’s Friday again. The working week has faded leaving you to enjoy the weekend. We hope you have a great weekend, that you surf, get some sun and relax.
The below feedback comes in from Virgina Hoddle who stayed at Ha’Atafu Beach Retreat in Tonga. Tonga is a year round destination throwing summer rights [...]

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Angola: great waves, hard rocks

What if Angola had one of the best waves in the world?

Angola: great waves, hard rocks

A group of surfers believe to have found one of the most perfect wave for surfing in the world. The spot is located somewhere in Angola.

Surfers are used to several clichés and overused expressions to qualify the quality of a wave, such as “new discovery”, “the best wave ever” or “secret spot”.

This time, though, it’s serious stuff. An undisclosed surf spot in the Angolan coastline is tickling the world surfing community.

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