Quiksilver Pro  Pro Gold Coast 2013

Gold Coast ready for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour

Welcome to the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour. The world’s best male and female surfers will battle for the initial points at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast, in Snapper Rocks, Australia.
Adriano de Souza followed Gabriel Medina’s footsteps and took the 2015 world title. He will be the man to beat, as the Brazilian contingent seems to take over competitive pro surfing.

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Attractive Young Woman Surfing with her Dog. Riding Wave Togethe

10 lessons surfing teaches you about life and business

I have learnt more lessons about life and business from surfing than I have from just about any other single activity I’ve ever taken part in. Surfing is one of the most mentally and physically challenging things you can do and as a result, the lessons it teaches you come think and fast. And you have to accept and internalize those lessons quickly, otherwise you risk hurting yourself.

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Did you know that Jamie O’Brien has had a more successful competitive career as a bodyboarder than as a surfer? It’s true. He said so himself in a recent interview with the Association of Professional Bodyboarding: “I started bogging [sic? maybe?] when i was a little kid! I won all kinds of events and Nationals as a bodyboarder and never won that as a short board [sic, definitely] haha.”


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Kelly Slater wins the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016

Kelly Slater has taken out the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016, in 10-to-15-foot surf at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.
The magical all-star 30-minute final included Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons and Makai McNamara and got underway in classic Pipeline conditions. A barrel fest. Slater celebrated his first victory in two years. “I’m stoked; it’s been a while. Between drinks as they say in Australia. Two years since I won an event, and it was this one,” expressed Kelly Slater.

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Kelly Slater saves mother and son from freak wave

Kelly Slater has saved a baby and his mother from being dragged out to sea at Waimea Bay, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.
But the story could have ended differently if the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau 2015/2016 had gotten underway. We explain: if the big wave surfing event had had green light, Slater would have been out, paddling for giants. The show didn’t run. Kelly was at Rockpiles checking the surf at Log Cabins. Suddenly, a freak wave invades the footpath and drags Sarah and her baby Van into the nearby bushes. The Floridian could not believe what his eyes were seeing, and ran for rescue.

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Pedro Henrique wins the inaugural Seat Pro Netanya

Pedro Henrique and Maud Le Car have conquered the inaugural Seat Pro Netanya, in three-to-four foot surf at Kontiki Beach, in Israel. The Portuguese-Brazilian surfer enjoyed a flawless stay in Israel by locking in the competition’s combined heat totals and highest single wave scores. Henrique used his air skills and powerful carves to beat Mihimana Braye in the final. “I’m over the moon, I came here not feeling 100% and managed to build my form in this event so to finally win is incredible. I’m going to go home and train more to be ready for the next events. It’s amazing to start the year like this but the season is long,” notes Pedro Henrique.

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