Rip Curl’s GromSearch Indonesia is Underway!

Setting on fire the imagination of every under 16 year old surfer in Indonesia, Rip Curl is proud to announce their 2016 GromSearch series. With 6 separate competitions staged at 6 different locations promising the best surf in Indonesia, the annual GromSearch gives any under 16yr old surfers their shot at the big time. Real surf, real contests, real winners and a fantastic grand prize that could lead to international recognition and launch an international professional surfing career.

Here’s how it works: The winners of each regional competition are invited to the Indonesian National Final. The winners of the Indonesian National Final are then flown to the international finals where they will face the hottest under 16 surfers from around the globe; win the International Finals and you are well on your way to sponsorship and a pro career. Past locations for the International finals include the USA, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Hawaii, South America and New Zealand. Inspiring to all new contestants; past winners are among some of the World’s best, including – Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson, Jordy Smith and six time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore. The stuff that young dreams are made of, offered in a professional arena the GromSearch brings the most talented young surfers in Indonesia together in an exciting, safe and friendly environment that promotes sportsmanship, environmental awareness, cultural exchange and a high voltage competition.

The Rip Curl GromSearch remains a worldwide series of events designed especially for young surfers or, to use the Australian term, Groms. Since its inception, The Gromsearch has always been the premiere series of global events that gives young surfers the center stage and a chance to show the world what they’ve got. And with three divisions, under 16yrs, under 14yrs and under 12yrs for both boys and girls, there are plenty of chances to do just that.

Remember, to be competition eligible you must be the specified age as of the 31st December, 2016. All divisions are limited, with entry allocated on a first in first served basis. Participants may also enter all 5 qualifying events, giving these young surfers the maximum opportunity for competitive success. Not to be missed by both young and old, the 2016 Gromsearch series is not only a lot a fun, but also a great opportunity for young surfers to achieve their wonderful dreams.

So wax up, enter up and look to the following locations for all the action:
Rip Curl GromSearch 2016 Locations:
EVENT 1 – Senggigi Lombok – February – 13th & 14th
EVENT 2 – Batu Karas , West Java , March 19th & 20th
EVENT 3 – Canggu , Bali, April 16th & 17th
EVENT 4 – Bengkulu, Sumatra, May 14th & 15th
EVENT 5 – Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, October 21st
RCGS – National Final – Somewhere, October 22nd & 23rd

Conditions & Regulations
1. First priority is a participant of the regional area or domicile of the regional area.
2. Participants from other countries are allowed to follow the contest GromSearch if already residing / staying temporarily in the area.
3. Contest Registration will be closed 3 days before the contest started by the Regional Board Rider Club.
4. Each participant allowed to contest other Regional areas.
5. Registration is open to participants from outside Regional area, but the 2 Tickets National Final is reserved to participants in the Regional.
6. Only participants holding an Indonesian / Asia passport that could qualify for the National Final and also to receive / win Tickets to the International GromSearch Final.
7. National Final is only for the division category UNDER 16th Boys & UNDER 16th Girls.
8. Participants can only Win 1x (single) Final Ticket to Asia.
9. In any event GromSearch, second highest regional Surfer will receive a Ticket to the National Final – Example:➢ 4 participants to reach the podium. 1 and 2 are from outside the region, Position 3 and 4 are from Regional, So Ticket intended for Position 3 and 4.➢ (This format will provide an opportunity for each region to get a room to the National Final)➢ Regional For Indonesia Divided Being Series: 1) Regional Lombok, 2) Regional Java, 3) Regional Bali 4) Regional Sumatera, and 5) Regional Sumbawa.
10. Participants are only allowed to enter the contest with ONE CATEGORY per event.
11. To enter into the 16 th Division, the participants of an age not entering the 17 th age or older on or before December 31th 2016.
12. To enter into the 14th Division, the participants of an age not entering the 15th age or older on or before December 31th 2016.
13. Participants registering for the contest must include a copy of Birth Certificate / Diploma School / Letter from the local area (Official of RT / RW)
14. Participants whose age exceeds that of Category 16 years or under 20 years old had the opportunity to participate only in the category Expression Session.

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