Did you know that Jamie O’Brien has had a more successful competitive career as a bodyboarder than as a surfer? It’s true. He said so himself in a recent interview with the Association of Professional Bodyboarding: “I started bogging [sic? maybe?] when i was a little kid! I won all kinds of events and Nationals as a bodyboarder and never won that as a short board [sic, definitely] haha.”

JOB was interviewed by the APB because he’s been extended an invite for the upcoming Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational. The best bodyboarders in the world compete in this event, and they hand-picked him to join their hallowed ranks, if only for a day, which is an absolutely brilliant ploy to reduce their competition by exactly one pro bodyboarder.

In 2013, JOB tried his hand at the Mike Stewart event, and, in his words “lost a fin and the waves were small,” so I’m guessing he didn’t win.

But in the years since, he’s made a literal career out of wrestling foamies of all shapes and sizes into cavernous tubes, so maybe this is his year?

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