Did you know that Jamie O’Brien has had a more successful competitive career as a bodyboarder than as a surfer? It’s true. He said so himself in a recent interview with the Association of Professional Bodyboarding: “I started bogging [sic? maybe?] when i was a little kid! I won all kinds of events and Nationals as a bodyboarder and never won that as a short board [sic, definitely] haha.”


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Riding the waves of San Sebastian’s emerging surf economy

San Sebastian’s surf cluster is a city-driven, new-generation type of cluster policy that connects apparently unrelated activities around a common theme: surf. By choosing a theme rather than a specific sector, the cluster initiative refrains from “picking winners” and opens new opportunities for economic diversification that make use of specific local strengths: gastronomy, hospitality, natural urban resources, IT-digital competences and engineering skills.

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Haydenshapes opens a surf shop like no other

Should surfboards be treated like high fashion items? Why not? Australian surfboard company Haydenshapes has opened its flagship store in Sydney. And it’s shockingly impressive. Surfboards. Where are they now? Where will they be in the future? Hayden Cox is redefining the way we enjoy the surf shop experience. To get things started, he replaced the classic colored environment by a black-and-white conceptual look.

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View of Coolangatta beach and Snapper Rocks from Kirra Point Loo

Gold Coast unveils its Surf Management Plan

The Gold Coast Surf Management Plan has been released. The 56-page document aims to improve the quality of the surfing experience along the 52 kilometers of surf breaks. Every year, the Gold Coast attracts 11.5 million day-visitors. Surfing is a key outdoor activity in Australia’s sixth largest city. However, resources, i.e. waves, are not endless, and surf etiquette is not always taken into consideration. The Gold Coast Surf Management Plan has identified several issues, which include an increasing demand and diversity of beach and ocean uses, an increasing number of active surfers and other wave-riding participants, a dynamic and ever-changing ocean beach environment, and the need to protect the city’s image and reputation as a world-class surfing destination.

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Swell of the decade hits Mavericks

Mavericks delivered one of the finest days of big wave surfing of the decade. The swell was powered by El Niño. Waves in the 30-to-40-foot range hit the famous surf break located off the coast of Half Moon Bay, in Northern California, and the opportunity was not unnoticed by dozens of well-known chargers. Kai Lenny, Peter Mel, Ryan Seelbach, Josh Kerr, Jamie Mitchell, Ken “Skindog” Collins, Patrick Shaughnessy, Matt Becker, Ben Andrews, Nick Rozsa, Tyler Larronde, and friends had the best February 4th of their lives.

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Kelly Slater wins the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016

Kelly Slater has taken out the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016, in 10-to-15-foot surf at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.
The magical all-star 30-minute final included Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons and Makai McNamara and got underway in classic Pipeline conditions. A barrel fest. Slater celebrated his first victory in two years. “I’m stoked; it’s been a while. Between drinks as they say in Australia. Two years since I won an event, and it was this one,” expressed Kelly Slater.

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